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Utica First Insurance Company

Artisans Program – A Small business owner product Click Here to login!

Utica First Insurance Company is pleased to offer insurance coverage especially designed for the small artisan contractor. This program is designed to meet the insurance needs of the skilled individual and small business operator that requires primarily liability insurance protection. Other property coverages are also available under this program.

We appreciate the skills that the artisan has acquired and we know that many artisans represent the “entrepreneur with a dream”, willing to go it alone in order to use the acquired skills in an independent manner. We know that liability insurance to protect you is a necessity to properly function in your business.

You work too hard to lose everything due to an unforeseen happening or accident. This policy is designed to protect the small artisan contractor.


This policy was designed to handle the insurance needs of firms with five or fewers employees and have gross annual receipts up to $1,000,000. Coverage is provided for firms regularly involved in projects that do not exceed $500,000 in total construction costs.


  • Liability is rated on a per person basis. One rate for full time and one rate for part time workers
  • Sales and administrative workers are not rated
  • Blanket additional insureds available; cut out all that back and forth to the agent’s office every time you get a new job
  • Tools and contractors equipment and Installation Floater Coverage available

Note: Coverage highlights for information only. Consult actual policy for precise coverage applicable.


Interboro Insurance Company

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Otsego Mutual Fire Insurance Company

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The First Rehabilitation Life Insurance Company of America

New York State Disability (DBL) Quote AND Bind!


For login information please contact John Mavroukas @ ext. 208

Please be advised, these quotes do NOT include any state taxes, inspection, or filing fees. Contact an underwriter for final premium.

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